Video streaming on any device and in any network

Online video streaming solution for desktops, smartphones and tablets. Convenient Content Management System and web-based client app allows fast and easy deployment with intuitive controls.

Live TV

Stream live TV channels to any number of screens globally or in your local private network.

Video on Demand

Provide access to video clips, movies, series and TV shows. Track & count content views, control age restrictions, use monetization and advertising features or provide content for free.

Content management system

Add, group and edit content, users and categories. Manage client app appearance, content monetization, display ads, monitor live status and view statistics.

Web-based client app

Avoid complicated installation process. Just provide a link which gives access to client web application. Available as browser version or a progressive web app, it gives the same experience as native application.

Adaptive bitrate for smooth streaming

Depending on network bandwidth, live TV streams will dynamically switch bitrate to avoid pausing when caching and provide best video quality.