TV Entertainment away from the shore

There are thousands of vessels cruising the waters with people on board seeking to entertain themselves during spare time. Watching TV shows and movies is in the top list of what people are doing to entertain themselves on board the vessels. Maritime IPTV systems have great capabilities of delivering media content, despite specific conditions typical for vessels.

Maritime IPTV solutions


Maritime TV
Any ship or sea platform can get all the benefits of advanced IPTV technology aimed at crew recreation and passenger entertainment.
Oil rig

Oil rig TV
Oil rig job can last for a long period. IPTV system sustains good mood of workers and reduce counter-productive feeling of isolation.

Patrol boat TV
Augmented information from TV screens and crew recreation provided by the Patrol Boat IPTV system is of great help during area patrolling.

Tanker ship TV
Long path through Indian or Atlantic ocean is nicely brightened by live satellite feeds with worldwide news and rich library of movies.
Bulk carrier

Container ship TV
Any direction and distance the crew of a container ship, bulk carrier or freighter will go, Maritime IPTV system will sustain their good mood.

Superyacht TV
Luxurious offshore lifestyle, with no compromises. True home away from shore feeling with Superyacht IPTV system for crew and passengers.

Sea cruises has more to offer with Cruise ship IPTV

Passengers found themselves first time on board of a cruise ship may not know all the facilities the ship has to offer. Maritime IPTV system can effectively promote on-board services and guide passengers to reach points of interest across labyrinths of corridors, stairways, elevators and decks of the ship.

Specifics of Maritime IPTV systems

Unlike stationary IPTV systems, Maritime IPTV systems are constantly on the move with consequential difficulties in acquiring the signal. Satellite antennas installed on ships are affected by weather conditions, temporary obstacles like bridges or nearby objects, as well as by movements of the ship itself. Self-positioning and self-stabilizing satellite dishes must be used for precise signal acquisition. Maritime IPTV system must interact with such antennas correctly to ensure satellite programs are received without interruptions regardless of current ship’s coordinates or weather conditions.


Availability and uptime are way more important in Maritime IPTV systems than those installed on shore. Sometimes being the only entertainment system for the crew it must operate without issues all the time. Difficulty to bring engineering staff on board along with limited Internet connectivity narrows down the options for problem solving.

Safety first

Safety pre-cautions are taken to a new level with on-board Maritime IPTV system. Integrated PA/GA alarm gateway activates special mode of Maritime IPTV system in case of emergency. Such emergency mode can either force emergency announcements through all TV sets or shut them all down to direct public attention towards PA/GA alarms and emergency signs.