Adopt Media Streaming solution and monetize it

IPTV is a great opportunity for owners of computer networks and especially for Internet Service Providers. Do you have a local network with clients on it? Don’t provide just networking services to them. Capitalize on IPTV and bring more income! Read more about how to become IPTV Provider below.

Opportunities for ISP and Telcos

Charging users for just using your network is good, but adding more services on top of that is much better. There are tons of opportunities if you want to increase profitability of your network or if you want to add to the list of services you provide.
See examples of services you can provide in your network:

  • Live TV
  • Time-Shifted TV
  • Video on Demand
  • Personal Video Recorder
  • VoIP communication
  • Cloud Gaming
  • Not only you could charge customers for additional services, but also you could show advertisements using these services. Offer In-App advertisements, set your own TV channels with advertisements, show VOD content with ads.

    Allowing subscribers to enjoy latest and most popular PC game titles on their TV screens or Tablets is yet another way of making profit. Cost of integration is next to none and it does not require installation of any additional hardware.
    See Cloud Gaming solution page for more information.

    Easy Implementation

    You don’t have to rebuild your network or otherwise change your infrastructure to become IPTV Provider or offer IPTV Services. Just connect IPTV headend to your core switch and allow some bandwidth for IP streams. You can start from small 1U server and install more servers as you connect more customers or expand your solution. Integrate your existing billing with IPTV system and control usage of Internet, VoIP and IPTV from one point.

    Triple Play

    Three different services delivered over single cable.

    Triple Play IPTV Provider Diagram

    Constant growth of computer networks gave birth to many additional services. In addition to e-mailing, accessing databases and file exchanging users can now use networks for entertainment and communication on a whole new level. Ability to converge all services in one network enabled creation of management platforms that can control whole set of services using one convenient interface. TV channels, VoIP communication and Internet access are delivered using one cable, also called Triple Play.

    Technical requirements

    Basically, IPTV system does not have any special requirements per network nor does it require any special preparations. Any Local Area Network can be used, as long as each client device can have 2-4 Mbps of bandwidth. Use of multicast will significantly reduce network load, see IGMPv3 protocol overview.

    Many types of signal sources can be used, from on-site satellite dish to HDMI Encoder. Remote sources such as IP streams can also be fed to IPTV system, with or without processing by IPTV head-end.

    IPTV Solution Diagram

    IPTV Provider Solution Diagram

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    Billing system integration

    There’s no obstacles in integration of Billing System with IPTV system. Systems will communicate using API, making integration process safe and easy.

    If you do not own a network, no problem!
    Check requirements for OTT providers.