Enhance guest experience with integrated Hospitality TV

Interactive Hotel TV provide full spectrum of interactive digital entertainment and infotainment services. Live TV, Video on Demand, Music, Apps, Social media, Games, News and more. Integrated Hotel TV converges most of hotel-to-guest interactions and internal hotel operations under one consolidated IT ecosystem. Guests can control their room, perform quick check-in, check-out, do e-shopping, browse web, access useful information and request in-house services via Hotel TV system or connected mobile app.

Hospitality TV and HSIA integrated with HVAC, GRMS, PMS, POS and other essential hospitality IT systems.

Reduced CAPEX

Affordable pricing model with subscription-based smaller payments instead of large initial investment. Get more at once and for less money.

Hotel TV




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Smart TV

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Talk to your guests. Hear them back.

With Hotel TV system you close gaps in communication. Your guests will know more about your hotel and you will know more about your guests. Interactive Hotel TV helps to establish dialogue, even when a guest speaks foreign language.

Know your guests better

Hotel TV provide a better insight into your guests interests. Collect statistics and analyze behavior for smarter shaping your services and for more tailored marketing.

Generate add-on revenue

Hotel TV solution creates exceptional guest experience and opens new ways of selling and promoting hotel services. With enhanced interactivity, a hotel can boost RevPAC by promoting hotel services and goods via Hotel TV solution. This extra interactivity generate additional income and creates unique communication channel from hoteliers to their guests.

Invest money and use resources effectively

Hotel TV solution can use converged networks to deliver content. Entertainment, informational and communication services can be delivered to rooms using single Ethernet cable and one client device. Traditional DTV or CATV assumes dedicated TV cabling infrastructure with all related equipment. With technologies like IPTV and VoIP all services can be converged in one network. This makes IT infrastructure of a hotel lightweight, flexible and easy to control.

Benefits of Hotel IPTV system

Smarter investment in IT

Network that is used by Hotel TV system can also be used for telephony and Internet. Hotel can save on wiring and equipment.

Reduced maintenance cost

Converged infrastructure reduce IT maintenance costs. Hotel TV provides better flexibility and more freedom to optimize IT expenses.

Convenient control of room occupancy

Hotel TV solution allows Hotel staff to monitor rooms status while guests can check-in and check-out or request room service.

Increased ROI

Pay Per View, Advertising, E-Shop is are helpers of hoteliers who wants to make their hospitality business more profitable and generate extra income.

Happier guests

Hotel TV system help guests to use more services like Spa, Gym, Pool, Golf, Disco, Restaurant etc.

Better hotel rank

Nothing pays more than bright smiles of happy guests. And positive feedbacks on the Internet.

Components of Hotel IPTV system

IPTV Server

IPTV Headend is the main part of Hotel TV solution. IPTV Streamers and IRD, HDMI Encoders, IPTV Middleware, Video on Demand and optional servers are connected together to provide variety of IPTV services. IPTV Headend is responsible for receiving, storing, processing and distributing content. Significant functions of IPTV Middleware are client authentication and supplemental data provisioning. More servers can be added to provide additional services like Digital Signage, Catch Up TV or Time-Shifted TV. Level of integration is unlimited, so that it is possible to build a truly unique platform which can provide all kinds of digital services.

Any type of source can be used, would it be DVB-S2 signal from a satellite dish, ATSC/ISDB-T from local broadcast tower, IP stream from Internet or network camera, video file from FTP storage, HDMI output of a Blu-Ray player or even older A/V source. See Hotel TV Diagram for full list of supported signal sources. Variety of services can be provided by single IPTV headend to all TV sets in the hotel. Video on Demand, Pay per View, Personal Video Recorder, Time-Shifted TV and other IPTV services are delivered to TVs over Ethernet. When necessary, CATV infrastructure can be utilized for building Hybrid TV system. All IPTV components can be easily integrated to existing hotel infrastructure to act as one for easier management.

Optional components

Property Management System (PMS), Digital Signage, E-Shop and other components can be integrated with Hotel TV system to enhance capabilities and increase efficiency. Guests can use IPTV infrastructure to order food, drinks, goods and services, check-in and check-out while hotel staff can monitor such activities and collect statistics in order to provide better service to guests.

Installing big screens in a lobby is a good idea for entertaining your guests while they’re waiting for taxi or drinking a cup of coffee. Mix entertaining videos with advertising and sell more services and goods to guests. They can use Hotel TV in their rooms to buy items they have seen in advertisements or browse for more items via E-Shop right on their TV screen. Monitor their choices via Hotel PMS integrated with IPTV system and optimize your hotel business by offering relevant services and goods.

Allowing guests to enjoy latest and most popular PC game titles on their TV screens or Tablets is yet another way of keeping them happy during their stay. Cost of integration is next to none and it does not require installation of any additional hardware. See Cloud Gaming for more information.

Client Devices

TV with Set Top Box, SMART TV, smartphones, tablets and laptops can be used for accessing IPTV services. Hotel IPTV offers a whole world of entertainment to guests. Internet, apps, games, hotel information, personal greetings and messages, advertising, TV, Radio, Music all from the same system on TV screen, smartphone or tablet!

Read about pros and cons of Set Top Boxes and SMART TVs in our blog.

Solution Diagram

Hotel TV is built on web technologies and by nature is a contribution to broad variety of services delivered over IP networks. Client apps used in Hotel TV solution are usually installed on devices running Android OS, iOS or on Smart TV embedded system. Guests can use their beloved Apple or Android mobile devices to access Hotel TV services by simply connecting to Hotel’s Wi-Fi hot spot.

Typical Hotel TV solution and network required for it are displayed in this diagram:

Hotel TV Diagram

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Get complimentary Hotel TV solution design and technical specifications.


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